6 benefits of online music lessons you may not have thought of

Online music lessons are becoming more and more popular, and although there is a practical reason why 2020 became the year in which it really took off, there are good reasons for why it will continue to be a popular way of learning music in the future as well.

Online music lessons have many benefits. If you’re in doubt about whether online music lessons are for you, here are six benefits of online music lessons that you may not have thought of.

1: Less travel time & more flexibility

The time spent commuting to and from classes is not insignificant when considering starting music lessons. In addition, the student’s and teachers’ schedule must also fit together, so that an agreement can be reached on where and when the lessons will take place.

With online music lessons, it becomes much more flexible. You avoid the logistics of getting to and from the classroom and this usually also makes the schedule more flexible for both teacher and student. Do you for example take your lessons very early in the morning or after the children are put to bed? Then it is often much easier with online lessons. Via Musictutors.co.uk you can find the teacher who is available when it suits you!

2: More value for your money

Your money may turn out to be better spent on online tuition. Why do you ask? Because when you have online lessons, you can continuously record small sequences with exercises and watch them over and over again after your lesson. That way, you can “reuse” your online lesson and get the most out of it.

You save time and money on travel time and for some there may be room for two lessons a week instead of one. If you have just started on a new instrument, it can be an advantage to kickstart your learning that way.

Of course you can easily find free tutorials on YouTube and they can be good for a lot of things, but they are just not tailor-made for you and your needs. They are not interactive. Online music teachers can tailor the lessons for you and support you in your progress. If you run into challenges, the teacher can help and motivate you.

3: Parental Engagement

One thing we have heard time and time again from online music teachers this year is that parents of children are much more likely to take an interest in their child’s online learning. Having parents close by means they can hear the progress and, with their teachers guidance, have a better understanding of what’s needed to keep the student on track in between the lessons.

4: Choose tutors across the entire country

Do you want to play the accordion you inherited from your great-grandfather and can’t you seem to find a teacher in your local area? Don’t worry, with online lessons, you choose one of our top-rated music teachers from across the country. Thank you, internet!

Learn to play guitar in the safe surroundings of your own home

5: Perfect for the introvert

Some people take for granted that music is an extroverted activity that requires lots of social interaction and maybe even performances. So if you are not so crazy about that kind, online music lessons can be an obvious alternative.

For some, it feels much safer to receive instruction online, without the exposure one might experience in a classroom. Instead, you can sit comfortably in your own home and participate in front of a webcam.

We are not all the same, but there should be a solution for all of us.

6: Increased independence

Teachers often experience a positive side effect from online lessons: their students typically become more independent and more courageous in trying new things. This may be because students feel calmer and more in control of what happens when they have the opportunity to receive instruction in the safe confines of their own home.

There you go! Six great reasons to find an online music teacher. Luckily you are in the right place: Start your search and learn to play an instrument today! Take care of yourself and others and make the best out of these times.

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